MAKEiS is patented and proven thermal insulation technology, which reveals how to produce and apply composite insulating panels made of polyurethane foam, covered with fiber glass fabric for exterior and interior application with the help of mobile machine.

The main core of MAKEiS is the fact it is producing thermal insulation panels in the exact needed sizes of the building on-site thanks to the mobile machine.

Compared to currently known methods of thermal insulation MAKEiS

Has 2x more productivity.

Is 2x thinner.

Is 3-4x lighter.

Leads to only 2-4% waste, by producing PU panels with exact dimensions.

Does not require perforation of the walls and cutting of the panels.

Excludes wet processes, which saves time, effort and removes seasonality.

Eliminates storage and transportation costs by producing the panels directly on-site.

Allows for constant control of production via data cloud access.

Who is MAKEiS for?

The MAKEiS technology is offered as a service to companies applying thermal insulation on buildings and industrial facilities.

Education & Training

Our customers and their teams receive specialized education on how to use the mobile machine to produce the insulation panels, and how to make the most out of the three-step application method of MAKEiS. Our leading insulation experts can also participate in the first projects of the customer to ensure knowledge handover and service. 


We have developed a dedicated software that generates 3D models of buildings based on photos. Subsequently, it calculates the number and size of panels that are necessary for each project. MAKEiS customers will be able to make use of the software and access all relevant data in real time.  

Customer Support & Maintenance

The licensing agreement includes warranties and machine maintenance work for the entire duration of the contract, regardless of whether the customers purchase or rent the mobile machine. In addition, our customer support specialists are available 24/7 via phone to address questions about the MAKEiS technology and application.